Kaalma Farms

A Horse Farm Located in the Heart of Iowa

About our Farm

KAALMA Farms is a small farm located South of Indianola, IA.

We raise and show Arabian and half Arabian horses and also raise a few miniature horses on the side. This year we are making a big change by moving toward Friesians and Friesian Sport horses!

We also raise and show rabbits. Our Polish rabbit line is currently in a holding pattern while our oldest daughter attends college. She has had many fabulous rabbits over the years including many trophies in the 4H show ring and a Best of Breed at an ARBA show even though we don't get out to shows all that often. In the last couple years we added both Champagne D'Argent rabbits and Cinnamon rabbits. Our Cinnamons are from two of the top Cinnamon lines and we are very happy with how they are turning out.

We also have a few chickens around and there is a huge demand for their eggs. Our chickens free range most of the year and enjoy their time runing throughout the property. Chickens are not our only birds, you might also see some peacocks roaming the acreage!

In addition to this we have a number of barn cats around and they help keep the rodent population under control. There are even a couple of dog faces around, a 3 legged half husky and a old little Yorkshire Terrier. Animals are in no shortage around here!